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Organiser: Martin Eady

Martin Eady
CGS Founding Team
CGS Essex Cup Organising Team
CGS National Cup Organising Team

It was in 1998 following an Alpha course that the truth dawned on me about what being a Christian was all about. Then, over a period of time, I grew to understand God and know Jesus. It wasn't an instant transition, rather a slow recognition that my life was changing and for the better too. It wasn’t long afterwards that I wanted to publicly acclaim my faith, and was baptised at Leigh Road Baptist Church (LRBC) in November 2000.

Ever since, I have sought to use my God-given talents wherever and whenever possible to share the fantastic Good News. Using these skills along with a big passion for golf, I helped the team form the Christian Golf Society.

I play the game regularly and at one stage a few years back managed to get my handicap down to single figures.  Alas, it now hovers around the 12-13 mark!

I met Julie at our church (LRBC) and been married for nine years. We now live in Leigh-on-Sea. She too, is a keen golfer and both actively serve as members at LRBC.


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