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National Church Golf Cup 2011 Finals Presentation

Here we have a montage to music of the CGS National Church Golf Cup Finals at Donnington Grove Golf & Country Club, Newbury on 11th - 12th September 2011. It was a great two day event and we are looking for more regions and counties to join in next year. A full report is to follow on the weekends actions.

Press Release: 7 pairs ready themselves for the Christian Golf Societies - National Church Cup Final this weekend

Media release: For immediate release
7 pairs ready themselves for the Christian Golf Societies - National Church Cup Final this weekend
The 5th National Christian Golf Cup Finals take place this coming Sunday 11th and Monday 12th September 2011 at Donnington Grove Golf and Country Club, Berkshire.

We have 14 players from five regions competing for the title and around 10 other players coming from the regions as organisers of their events. It's it going to be a great two day event.

The final winners will win the prestigious National Church Golf Cup and the National Champions title for the year with their names and the church they represent engraved and immortalised on the trophy.

Finalist taking part are:
1. Cliff Britcher & Ron Crosby, 2010 CGS Nationlal Golf Cup Defending Champions, representing Eynsford Christian Fellowship (Baptist) , Kent
2. Dave Scogings & David Coates, CGS Essex Golf Cup Winners 2011, representing Oasis Christian Fellowship, Essex
3. Yomi Agiginni & Femi Adesanya, CGS Kent Golf Cup Winners 2011, representing Crofton Baptist Church, Kent
4. Barry Cleveland & John Harris, CGS Cornwall Golf Cup Winners 2011, representing Launceston Community Church, Cornwall
5. Paul Burden & Vikesh Chauhan, CGS Surrey Golf Cup Winners 2011, representing Molesey Community Church, Surrey
6. Lesley Blythe & Camilla Mott, CGS Surrey Golf Cup Ladies Winners 2011, representing Molesey Community Church, Surrey
7. George Patterson & Greg Edwards, CGS West Midlands Golf Cup Winners Winners 2011, representing Banners Gate Community Church, West Midlands
The finalist will battle for the third year on the now famous Donington Grove Golf and Country Club course in Newbury for the title of Christian Golf Society (CGS) - National Church Golf Cup Champions 2011, which has seen 96 golfers competing in qualifying rounds.

The National Final takes place on Sunday 11th September with an overnight stay, presentation meal and after dinner speaker - John Harris of CGS Cornwall and Gideon Anti-Aids Foundation in the evening. Monday 12th September will see an opportunity to play a more relaxed game of golf with the new friends made from the different regions.

Martin Eady, CGS National Final organiser said, "We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend of golf. It is a great achievement for these players to reach the CGS National Final. Our prayer is that the Christian Golf Society events will provide a way for golfers to explore the claims of Jesus and the difference he makes to the lives of those that follow him in a relaxed but relevant way."
Indeed if anyone wants to take part in the 2012 National Church Golf Cup they can visit our website for more information and to register interest. We are also looking for more Churches to volunteer to run a Regional Cup in their County in 2012, as we seek the make this fun competition truely National.

Photo attached: 1. Last years (2010) National Finalists before the first tee.
2. Cliff Britcher (left) & Ron Crosby (2nd Right), 2010 CGS Nationlal Golf Cup Defending Champions, representing Eynsford Christian Fellowship (Baptist) , Kent
For more information please contact
David Elcock on 07967 010261 or

The Christian Golf Society was founded in 2007 to create competitive golf opportunities through which Christians with a passion for golf can share the good news of Jesus with their friends. We believe a golf competition is an excellent setting for people to share their faith with non-Christian friends through a common passion for golf. Reaching out to friends through sport is probably one of the most straightforward opportunities we have. The friendships we form with sporting friends are often far stronger than those we make with other people in our day-to-day lives. The truth is that as a Christian in an increasingly faithless world we may be the only bible a person reads as they see how you live your life – or in this instance, how you play your golf.

The Christian Golf Society encourages people to adopt the Christians in Sport approach of pray, play and say. PRAY for your friends who aren't Christians. PLAY your golf in a way that honours God. Be prepared to SAY something about the promise of Jesus Christ.

Further along the Fairway the Christian Golf Society hope to build up a network of events across the country, with the winners of each event invited to a National Final in the September of each year. Interested Churches who would like to help this become a reality are asked to contact us.

These golf competitions will either be organised directly by the Christian Golf Society, organised by a Church on our behalf or organised by one of a number of other Christian organisations with which we have links.

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