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Organisers area

Welcome to the Christian Golf Society (CGS) event organisers area. We are always on the look out for churches across the UK that may consider partnering with us by making their Church Golf Day a qualifying event for the National Church Golf Cup held each year.

Where as in the past we held regional and county competitions in six regions from Cornwall, Essex, Kent, Somerset, Surrey and the West Midlands. We have now changed the format of entry to the National Final with a goal to allow even more Christian golfers, both male and female, out on the course with their friends that do not go to church.

The CGS National Golf Cup as a catalyst for Local Outreach
We are now partnering with Christian Vision for Men (CVM) to encourage their local groups and Churches to stage their own golf outreach event and then send their winners to the National Church Golf Cup Final. An exciting new format from the Christian Golf Society for the 18th year of this event. Would your church or group like to partner with us in this wonderful outreach opportunity?

Alternatively if you would like to register your event, you can do so now. 
Register places online by visiting this our National Final page

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Download and print off the registration form and post it along with payment.

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